How to order and prices

Did you found a photo that you would like to use? As we don’t have an online store, jump on instagram and DM us. We will help you from there. Integration with our website is underway.

We don’t have fixed prices as we give personal prices depending on your background, experience, footprint and prices. This allows us to give everybody, regardless if you are a well know artist or a beginner, a fair shot in making a profit on your artwork. So how does it work? Well, you find an image you like (here, facebook or instagram) and send us an instagram DM with a reference to or screenshot of the photo. We will get in touch with you and find the right price for you. It’s really that simple. Have fun with going thru our amazing images.

To keep our prices low we currently do not offer and online webshop. But we have a very simple 5 step plan to get you up and running with the photo(s) you like.
1) you found one or more photo(s) that you love?
2) send us a DM on instagram (patrickvb75 or loontjespics) or Facebook with a screenshot of the photo(s) you are interested in purchasing
3) We will confirm the price (prices vary between €15,- and €50,- for art reference use per photo)
4) if you agree with the price, you will receive a PayPal link for easy payment;
5) when the payment is received we will send you the high resolution photograph(s) by WeTransfer download link or per email;

Please note, by transferring the payment you also automatically agree with our terms & conditions.

Now the rest is up to you! We always love to see the result of your amazing art work and when you tag us we will do a feature on our Instagram and Facebook stories.